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Fall in love with taking care of yourself

When I was a little boy my dad showed me how to tie shoelaces. A lesson I remembered up until this day and you can see the proof if I am wearing shoes if you meet me in person. Could my dad possible give me this skill if he did not know how to do it himself? And if a small thing requires the teacher to learn it himself what happens when we look at something bigger like loving another person?

I am a strong believer that until you start applying what you want to share with the world to yourself, you cant really bring it to the world. Until you learn to love yourself and treat yourself like a person that you love – you cant truly give it to somebody else.

So how about we stop calling it selfish and or whatever other names you come up with. Book a date with yourself, go and see a movie that you like or go on a day trip with your own best company. And then come back and give your gift of love to people who care about you.

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