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There is a lesson

Life presents you with events on a daily basis and you have a choice of how to respond to them. You can choose to be a victim of given circumstances. Blame politicians, bad weather, someone staging a coup against you, little green men in a flying saucer. Or you can chose a different approach.
German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who among others influenced Nietzsche, Jung and Freud observed that humans seeing another fellow human being in distress, rush to rescue despite self preservation instincts and perceived danger. Schopenhauer concluded that our spiritual side, the shared consciousness takes control over mind as it has of ultimate knowledge of inter consecutiveness of all life around us.
Now think about this – if all life is connected and most people around you mean well it opens a possibility. A possibility that life is a learning experience that is happening for you. That turns your perceived enemies to teachers with valuable lessons. The lessons you chose to ignore will come back until you recognise and learn from them. If you run away from your fear, if you cringe and turn away from what life is trying to teach you are bound to relive that again and again. I encourage you to test this idea for yourself and observe patterns in your life.
Do you see reoccurrence of the same life events happening to you? Going into relationships with toxic people, making wrong choices, getting into the same fights. What is the lesson that you refuse to learn? What are you not willing to accept? 
However if you choose to  square up and face whatever has been projected on the screen of your life it will change you forever. You will come out a different person on the other end. But it requires you to experience the discomfort of learning. You don’t have to do it alone because some learnings can affect you in a negative way. Ask for advice, speak with someone who can guide you on this path.

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